Conflict Analysis for Mediation Strategy Design’ in Saly, Senegal- 22nd-28th April 2013

CMI successfully conducted first training seminar - ‘Conflict Analysis for Mediation Strategy Design’ in Saly, Senegal- 22nd-28th April 2013

CMI successfully held its first training on “Conflict Analysis for Mediation Strategy Design” in Saly, Senegal, on 22-28 April 2013. This 7 day intensive training was a practical course using methodologies appropriate to professional learners. As well as specific modules on conflict analysis and mediation the course was essentially based on a full scenario of the case of Mali. Participants organised themselves as a mediation support team as well as decision makers from the region and simulated a substantive conflict analysis process. From this starting point they developed scenarios and offered mediation options relevant to the operational environment of West Africa.

The aim of the course was to enhance the conflict analysis capacities of actors engaged in mediation, preventive diplomacy and peace building activities in West Africa.  Its objective was to address practical challenges faced by regional actors as regards to conflict prevention, management and resolution. The course responded to questions such as:

  • How best to analyse conflicts which occur in highly dynamic contexts?
  • How to tailor analytical processes for the specific purpose of mediation?
  • What analytical tools are available so that interventions such s mediation effectively contributes to conflict prevention management and resolution?

14 mid/senior level participants with various backgrounds working in or on West Africa successfully completed the training. They had various backgrounds including; military, education, civil society, from various regional and international public institutions as well as governments. Participants were currently working on conflict analysis and/or mediation processes, had done so in the past or plan to do so in the near future. Together they worked with CMI facilitators through understanding the issues related various issues such as how to design and ideal mediation team, how to function as an effective mediation support team, how to share analytical and reporting tasks within such a team, conduct actor and dynamic analysis, tailor and present mediation strategies to relevant body as well as draft a coherent and relevant mediation strategy report.

Modules on conflict analysis and mediation were combined with the above mentioned activities, and documentary film screenings, experience sharing of practitioners as well as the practical operation of the group as a team analysing the current situation in Mali.  Daily briefings from the mediation team and independent work culminated in a 22 page report (excluding annexes), presenting options to regional decision makers regarding the case of Mali. The report presented the context, relevant analysis and recommendations that were meant to be realistic. The rigour necessary to produce such a report within the limited time frame of the course reflects the pressure of real situations and was a way for all the knowledge learned and shared to come together practically and effectively.

This training complements other work being produced through the project on ‘Enhancing West African Mediation Capacities’ where CMI in partnership with the Kofi Annan International Peacekeeping Training Centre (KAIPTC), develops a comprehensive training package for West Africa on Multi-Track Mediation and Conflict Analysis. This course will be piloted from the 10th-21st of June 2013.

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Conflict Analysis for Mediation Strategy Design’ in Saly, Senegal- 22nd-28th
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