Open Day on Women, Peace & Security 2013

 Within    the   framework     of  Open    Day   on  the   United   Nations    Security   Council   Resolution
 (UNSCR) 1325 implementation in West Africa, UNOWA held in Dakar, on 13 September 2012,
 a   videoconference  with   West   African   Women   leaders  to  exchange   information   and   discuss
 trends,   constraints   and   perspectives   to   better   involve   women   in   peace   and   security   issues.
 The 2012 Open   day was   organized in partnership with UN  missions   in West Africa (UNOCI,
 UNIOGBIS, UNIPSIL), as well as UNWOMEN, UNDP and the UNCTs/UN Gender Theme Groups
 in the sub-region.

 Open days aim to create a space for dialogue between women activists and the United Nations
 system  on   the  role   of   women  in   peacebuilding   through  the  effective   implementation  of   the
 UNSC    resolutions.    The    theme    of  the   third  edition   of  the   regional   open    day   was   the
 participation of women in electoral processes

 The Videoconference has enabled women leaders of Guinea, Guinea  Bissau, Mali, Mauritania,
 Senegal   and   Togo   to   share   experiences,   best practices   and   lessons   learned   to   cope   with   the
 challenges of the sub-region.

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Rapport General Open day 2012
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Photo de famille - Open Day 2012
M. Said DJINNIT, Représentant Spécial du Secrétaire Général des Nations Unies pour l’Afrique de l’Ouest – UNOWA
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