Message of Solidarity for the Attention of Countries affected By Ebola Virus Disease

During these difficult times marked by the evolution of the Ebola virus disease epidemic in our countries and especially the West Africa sub-region,

We, members of the Working Group on Women, Peace and Security in West Africa (WGWPS-WA) from civil society organizations, universities, research centers and international development organizations, express our deep sympathy and solidarity to those affected by the epidemic, with very serious consequences for families, economies and integration projects whose impact will long be felt in our region;

We join our voices and our actions to those of all the people of Africa, especially those countries affected by this terrible disease, Guinea, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Nigeria and Senegal, to ask the international community, with the Mano River Union (MRU), ECOWAS and the African Union (AU) at the forefront, to mobilize all means to contain the disease and provide psychosocial support measures for the return to normal life in all communities affected by the epidemic;

We particularly express our solidarity with the women, who constitute one of the most vulnerable groups, due to their sensitivity to anything that affects the family and their involvement in patient care;

We note that families are hard hit socially and economically, due to the closure of borders and markets of sub-regional nature, resulting in a decrease in income generating business which will have an effect on the whole community;

At the same time we invite people to observe the preventive measures taken by health service authorities, including those related to good rules of hygiene and further urge citizens that suspected cases be quickly brought to the attention of medical and health authorities and facilities;

We stand in solidarity with the representatives of WGWPS-WA in countries affected by the Ebola virus disease epidemic, who despite the threat to their lives and security, continue to work to educate, inform and contribute to the fight against this scourge and advocate for a return to normal life in our countries.

Together, for a healthy and strong Africa!!!